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Free Audiobooks is an app that lets you listen to thousands of classic audiobooks totally free. On the main page of the app, you can find the latest books that have been added along with a list of the most popular audiobooks. Also, on the left hand side of your screen you can find the dropdown menu that will let you access any genre that you are interested in such as science fiction, romance, terror, fantasy, crime, etc.

Free Audiobooks’ catalog is based on the great literature classics which are copyright free. This means that you can find books from authors such as Lewis Carroll, Bram Stoker, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Mark Twain or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. In other words, you can read Alice in Wonderland, Dracula, A Tale of Two Cities, Pride and Prejudice, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, or The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, among many others.

Free Audiobooks is an excellent app to listen to audiobooks. All the books are perfectly separated in their corresponding chapters which makes it easier to know where you’ve left off. Also, you can find books in different languages.

Android 4.0.3 or greater is required

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